Student Leadership

The development of our students is a priority at Preston North East Primary School. Students are encouraged to consider and participate in a variety of student leadership programs. The programs we offer include:

  • School Captains and Vice Captains
  • Junior School Council representation
  • House Captains
  • Earth Keepers

All of the above programs have been developed to enable our student body to have an input and a major role in the development and operation of our school.

School/Vice Captain Program

At Preston North East Primary School students in Grade 6 have the opportunity to be selected as School and Vice Captains for the year. Towards the end of each year some students in Grade 5 are invited by the school to prepare speeches on why they would like to be a School Captain and present this to their fellow class members. Students in the Grade 3-6 area are asked to vote for a female and male student to represent them as School and Vice Captains. Students who are chosen as School and Vice Captains have a very important job in the school. Their role in the school is to act as leaders, solve problems, be responsible and represent their school at numerous school events. The School and Vice Captains are responsible for the organisation of the whole school assemblies each week. The School and Vice Captains program is very worthwhile, as it builds confidence and self esteem in students and allows them to develop skills in problem solving and leadership. During the year we also hold a student forum. Children from across the school are invited to participate in a day of leadership activities to help to develop their public speaking skills, organisation, understanding of what it takes to be a leader and team work.

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
School Captains Bawi & Jasmine Mohamed & Mackenzie Long & Serah Mazda & Lama Cameron & Lori Daniel & Marija
School Vice Captains Kevin & Chloe Alex and Eva Brendon & Cathy Annie, Ethan & Long Quang & Stav David & Jody

House Team Captains

Our elected House Captains are responsible for organising house lunch time sport competitions. House Captains are also responsible for conducting house meetings, leading house activities, tallying house points and awarding the house trophy to the winning house at our weekly assembly.

  2016    2015 2014 2013 2012
Laurel House (Green) Laltaaksh &  Hani & Tayla Lachlan and Jade Dimitra & Fahmi Florence & Johnny
Tyler House (Blue) Aiysha &  Ayub & Hayley Yasmin and Jaxon Omar & Tahani Patricia & Ahmed
Oak House (Red) Abubakar & Shallee  William & Shakaya Luke and Fos Ayisha & Rayaan Mateenah & Raymond
Ash House (Yellow) Blake &  Taj & Sahall Anna and Thomas Rebecca & Nicholas Tyler & Adam

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