Performing Arts

Students at PNE have a long standing tradition of participating in the Performing Arts. All students participate in weekly 50 minute sessions which offer a huge range of opportunities to express themselves artistically, albeit through song or playing music, dance and movement or through acting and dramatic play.

Our program is focused on providing a lifelong love and understanding of the performing arts. Both the program offered during lesson time and the additional groups offered during lunch time is continually evolving and changing to suit the talents and interests of our budding young performers and has included such things as:

  • Singing with the choir at whole school events and assemblies
  • Playing instruments with the Rock Band or Ukulele ensemble
  • Taking major acting roles in the school production
  • Performing with visiting musicians
  • Performing in ‘PNE Has Talent’
  • Scripting and filming segments for the whole school assembly
  • Reading and soundtracking radio programmes based on their own writing for PNEfm
  • Producing short films for the PNEmmy’s
  • Producing soundtracks and compositions to accompany art works for the Art Night


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