Performing Arts

Students at PNE have a long standing tradition of participating in the Performing Arts. All students participate in weekly 50 minute sessions which offer a huge range of opportunities to express themselves artistically through singing, playing music, dancing, acting and dramatic play.

Our program is focused on providing a lifelong love and understanding of the performing arts. Students enjoy playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments as well as ukulele and are offered opportunities to explore their creativity through music and movement. Senior students practise and perform together in a percussion ensemble on xylophones, marimba and glockenspiels, while junior students explore sounds, rhythm, pitch and tempo on a large range of percussion instruments.

Our fantastic school choir The Melody Makers regularly perform songs at special days and events throughout the year with students voluntarily participating from grades 3-6.

Drama and dance are showcased during our whole school productions. All year levels perform in the production, with opportunity for our senior students to gain confidence and shine in leading roles.



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