School Production

PNE turns into our very own piece of Broadway in New York or the West End of London as our students tread the boards in the School Production. The School Production is a spectacular celebration of the Arts in our school, combining singing, dancing and acting with artwork for our sets and props to create something truly memorable. The production is so big and popular with our community that it actually has to be held over 2 nights with 2 separate casts!


Previously, we have presented productions such as the ‘Construction Production’ (which explored the different development steps and occupations of the people responsible for our new building), ‘Be Kind Rewind’ (based on the movie), and ‘Circus Berserkus’ (our children became Circus Acts). Our next production is in development and will be based on time travel. I won’t give too much away, but it will be an ‘Excellent Adventure.’


Our production usually occurs every 2 years and alternates with the Art Show. Sadly, as with most performing artists, we have been unable to put on a production as scheduled to COVID restrictions, but rest assured that as soon as we get a green light, it’s going to be go, go, go on our next big show!


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