At Preston North East, we want all of our students to experience a sense of belonging, safety and connection. Our teachers understand that wellbeing is linked to improved academic achievement, positive mental health and responsible decision-making.

We support student wellbeing in a wide range of ways:

  • We have implemented the Berry Street Education model to ensure that teaching, behaviour management and wellbeing support is consistent, predictable and positive. Teachers prioritise strong relationships, and know their students well.
  • The Side by Side program supports our school culture of inclusiveness by working with individual students and families to provide specific supports.
  • Our Wellbeing Support Officer supports students and families with school attendance, engagement and mental health. They can refer families to specialist services when required.
  • Our literacy-intervention tutors and school-based speech therapist provide learning support for students who need additional support to achieve success in the classroom.
  • Our curriculum includes social and emotional learning using the Respectful Relationships program, which promotes respect and gender equity and helps students build healthy relationships.¬†Cybersafety education teaches students how to stay safe online.
  • Student voice and agency is promoted through class meetings and student leadership programs including Captains and Junior School Council.

PNE is an inclusive school which recognises that each child is unique. We value cooperation and respect for diverse cultures and traditions, and provide a welcoming environment for all students. Racism and bullying are not tolerated at Preston North East Primary School.



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