Annual Events



Forget the Olympics! The PNE Sports Day is the only place to watch incredible feats of Athletics. That may not be entirely true and not all of our students go on to be Olympians, but the Sports Day is day that is enjoyed every year.

Our school is divided into 4 sports team called Ash, Laurel, Oak and Tyler (The streets that surround our school). Our students compete at the Coburg Athletics Track and participate in a range of sports from the Olympics (Sprints, Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, High Jump etc.) Junior school students participate in a range of tabloid style events (relays and activities focused on fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping and throwing).

Maths Night is a twilight event aimed at shining a spotlight on the magic of numbers and shapes.

Children zig zag across the school at breakneck speeds between problem solving activities set up by Teachers in order to enter their fully stamped cards into a draw for prizes. The event is always well attended and provides a lovely moment for our community to comes together.



If you have seen high pressure Spelling Bees or Maths competitions with contestants agonising over making mistakes to a point of sweating, you have the wrong idea about our events Spelling Bee and Maths Contest!

Every year, each class selects their strongest contestants to compete against other classes in both events. The whole class gets behind their contestant in a supportive way and there is a clear understanding that only one class can win.

It’s hard to get too disappointed when one of our staff has to dress up as a bee!

Students of PNE look forward to our annual Italian Day, usually held in Term 1. The day consists of a fancy dress parade, classroom activities, an Italian language performance and Italian food including the ever popular Gelati.

The weekly 50 minutes Italian lessons really ramp up until the day.


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