Our Staff

Below is a list of all our staff members. Please feel free to email them if you have any queries or concerns. To send an email click on the required name below or select the Contact Us button to the right for more contact details.


Staff Member Role
Phillip Banks Principal
John-Mark Gook Assistant Principal
Natasha Bird Acting Assistant Principal
Tracey Lancaster School Council President
Sue Dean-Carpi Business Manager
Sandy Mitchell Administration
Donna Keratianos Administration
Christopher Hinsley Leading Teacher / Grade 3/4 Team Leader
Julie Spencer Leading Teacher / Foundation Team Leader
Joanna Togneri Foundation
Amy Sellitti Foundation
Jordan Colombo Foundation
Vicki Melican Foundation Student Support
Emily Goodman Grade 1/2
Alice Thwaites TBA
Jasna Dixon Grade 1/2
Julian Springham Grade 1/2
Jessica Tandberg Grade 1/2
Melisa Morabito 1/2 Student Support
Kate Ford 1/2 Student Support
Michael Hicks Grade 3/4
Erin Brereton Grade 3/4
Michael Genua Grade 3/4
Annie Neville Grade 3/4 and Learning Specialist
Carolyn Hill Grade 3/4 Student Support/Library Tech
Jane Cornell 3/4 Student Support
Carroll Howard 3/4 Student Support
Simon Pearce 1/2 and 3/4 Student Support
Tom McCluskey Grade 5/6 Team Leader
Maria Bovalino Grade 5/6
Tom Osborn Grade 5/6
Carolyn Hayward Grade 5/6
Antonella De Angelis Grade 5/6
Robyn Fraser Grade 5/6 Student Support
Kathy Jones Grade 5/6 Student Support
Sharon Parsons Grade 3 to 6 Numeracy Extension
Michael Badman Music
Cathy Palmas Italian
Jamee-Leigh Colley Physical Education
Collette Dane Visual Art
Michelle Andrews English as an Additional Language
Kathy Angelopoulos Levelled Literacy Intervention
Daniela Di Stefano Levelled Literacy Intervention
Buoi Kha Multicultural Education Aide – Vietnamese
Hawraa Zobady Multicultural Education Aide – Arabic
Helen Gilmour Student Support
Kate Cullen Speech Pathologist
Julie Hammond Canteen


To apply for relief teaching work at Preston North East Primary School please register your interest with our preferred teaching agency, anzuk.

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