At Preston North East Primary School, we work hard to make reading and writing, speaking and listening exciting, meaningful and rewarding for all our students.

At Preston North East, all students develop a love of reading. All students learn to express themselves well, both when speaking and in writing.

To achieve this, we carefully plan our literacy program so that student skills are built from when they start school in Foundation to when they leave in Year 6. We use research based teaching programs and the State and National curriculum documents, Victorian Curriculum to guide our planning.

Literacy - Harmony Day

We teach Reading and Writing everyday and cater for the wide range of English backgrounds and abilities in our classes.

We explicitly teach students the sounds of English, or phonics, as well as grammar. We build students’ ability to really understand their reading and to link it to the wider world through the explicit teaching of comprehension skills. Students’ writing is exciting and interesting.

Literacy teaching at Preston North East links strongly to the learning and experiences of our students. Excursions and incursions, cooking and play, school camps, buddy programs for Foundation students and class pets are some of the ways we link reading and writing, speaking and listening to the lives of our students.

Many students at Preston North East are bi-lingual or multi-lingual and are learning English. We build English language proficiency for these students through the classroom program and an English as an Additional language withdrawal program.

At Preston North East Primary School students enjoy fantastic literacy resources: a well-stocked library, great classroom reading resources, such as THRASS charts and word lists, guided reading texts, interactive whiteboards, iPads in every level of the school, and netbooks.


At Preston North East we are fortunate to offer support and extension programs to students. These excellent programs include:

- Levelled Literacy Intervention Program

- Speech therapy with two trained therapists and daily follow through with Education Support Officers

- English as Additional Language program



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