Kitchen Garden

Our Kitchen Garden can be viewed from the street and it is a place of rich learning where our students experience garden to plate food production.

12 cooking

Our students learn all about the life cycle of plants, seasonal growing and garden maintenance. They work on their teamwork skills to solve gardening problems like paving paths with bricks, identifying different types of plants (and weeds!) and sharing tools together.


In the Kitchen, students practice safe food production and creative cooking. They use plants harvested from the garden in their dishes, which requires the students to research recipes to ensure they enjoy what they make. The students refine their cooking techniques including managing the risks of working with sharp knives and hot work areas, as well as far less risky maneuvers.



In the first 2 terms of the year, the Grade 3/4 classes have specialist Kitchen Garden lesson followed by the Grade 1/2 classes in the second half of the year.

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