At Preston North East Primary School, we aim for every child to be literate, numerate and curious. We have high expectations for our students and show our commitment to success by clearly defining our school learning protocols.

Students at our school:
-Are optimistic
-Accept the unexpected
-Take their time
-Set goals despite uncertainty
-Build on what they already know
-Are engaged
-Are persistent

To develop optimal learning skills, Preston North East Primary School students engage in Project Based Learning.
Project Based Learning involves students undertaking an extended process of inquiry to respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Through their project, children learn key academic content, practice 21st century skills (such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking), and create high-quality, authentic products and presentations. Project Based Learning provides enriching real life learning experiences to engage and inspire our students.

Some Examples of Project Based Learning at Preston North East Primary

4/5/6 Area NAIDOC Afternoon

The 4/5/6 area responded to the questions:
-How can we celebrate Indigenous culture and history, both past and present, in a way that is culturally sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?
-How can we inform our community about the ‘Stolen Generation’ and the campaign for Aboriginal land rights in Australian history?

At the end of their unit, the 4/5/6 students planned a range of activities for our F-4 students to participate in during our NAIDOC week celebration. The children were responsible for planning every aspect of the afternoon.

Watch the NAIDOC Celebration Promotional Video

NAIDOC Ad from Preston North East Primary on Vimeo.

12 Area Bake Sale

The 1/2 area responded to the question:
-How do changes in the Earth and sky affect the way people live?

As a part of their unit, they investigated how the CFA help people who have been affected by bushfires. They decided to take action by having a bake sale to raise community awareness and fundraise.

Photos of PBL in Action:

Bake Sale- Taking Action and Counting Money Numeracy- Learning About Measurement Reading and Writing- Learning about Procedures Team Work

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