Performing Arts

Performing Arts affords us the opportunity to express ourselves through Music, Dance and Drama. In participating in performing arts, we allow ourselves to access our emotional bank and produce something tangible for others to see that reflect those emotions. In doing so, we develop confidence as performers and grow in understanding of who we are, a practise that has proven to be beneficial in delivering better academic and personal wellbeing outcomes.

At Preston North East Primary School, we may experience the Arts through a variety of way including singing, playing, dancing, acting, feeling, viewing and listening, critiquing and performing for others. Students have Music classes for 50 minutes per week focussed on establishing and developing a passion for the performing arts. Where possible, activities are designed to complement the Inquiry Unit being studied.

Circus Berserkus!

Circus Berserkus from Preston North East Primary on Vimeo.


Examples of activities in the classroom:

  • Stomp! – playing rhythms on junk percussion
  • Musical Dinosaurs – singing and actions
  • Basic keyboard skills
  • Sing and play ukulele
  • Songwriting
  • Rapping
  • Hip Hop dancing
  • iPad music apps – Garageband, Isle of Tune, Singing Fingers and more
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Songs from the Convict era
  • Create a music video
  • Performing
  • Play a basic rock beat on drum kit

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The dimensions and standards reflected in AusVELS for the Arts provide the foundation for the program.

Rock Band and Choir

In 2013, PNE’s ‘Fighting Temptations’ were born. Featuring drums, keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, singing and rapping, the school rock band rehearses once a week at lunchtime. The band covers a range of songs and styles, from pop and rock to hip hop and ballads. Students are proud of the progress they achieve, working together as a team to play great music while developing their instrumental skills.

The school choir also rehearses once a week at lunchtime. Students learn to warm up their voices for safe and effective singing, sing together in a group, take lead vocalist roles and choreograph dance and movement.


PNE Fighting Temptations – Smoke on the water from Preston North East Primary on Vimeo.


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