Health And Physical Education

At Preston North East we offer a specialised Physical Education program for students in Grades Foundation- 6.

Our facilities include:

  • A gymnasium (hall) equipped with toilets
  • A synthetic soccer and football oval
  • Cricket nets
  • A running track and courts for netball, rounders and basketball.
  • Class set of bikes

An extensive range of sporting equipment


PNE Promo – Hall from Preston North East Primary on Vimeo.

The Physical Education program promotes the development of physical skills and fitness, Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS), appropriate attitudes to sport including team work and sportsmanship. This year our program will also include a free 6-day swimming program for all students in Grades Foundation to 6.

The areas covered within this program include:

  • Major and minor games
  • Swimming
  • Ball handling
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Fundamental motor skills
  • Movement concepts
  • Outdoor education.
  • Perceptual Motor Program

Students are involved in a range of activities throughout the year.

  • Grade 5/6 students participate in Inter-school sports during Summer and Winter.
  • Students in grades 3-6 are regularly involved in clinics and whole school sporting activities, athletics, hoop time and cross country.
  • Grade 3-6 students participate in a 5 week Bike Education program each year free of charge. Students have the opportunity to participate in bike rides around the local community.
  • Grades Foundation to 6 participate in a free swimming program.
  • House captains run a lunchtime sports competitions for all students in Grades 3-6.




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